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Video Analysis

What better way to ensure that you are improving your game than to see a visual comparison comparison of your own technique beside some of the top players in the world.

Not only will you get to see yourself side by side with the Pros, which is one of the most enlightening methods of improvement. We also provide expert analysis highlighting the problem area, and the strengths which you should emphasize.  This is an invaluable aid to understand and apply the specific reference points that you need to work on to acquire that perfect professional technique.

No matter if you are 8 years old or 60+ years old it is never too late to start improving your technique. There is no more efficient way to improve your technique than to see yourself on high-speed video frame by frame. We are limited as coaches to what we can see with the naked eye when coaching our students. High-speed video opens our eyes to a whole new world, as there is no guesswork involved because video does not lie.

Video Lessons Prices fro Club Members

Individual strokes  €75      Full Game Analysis  €150

This includes a initial tennis lesson, while filming takes place and a second lesson after the video has been studied, with a detailed summary of the areas to be worked on, where improvements can be most beneficial.

Click on the You Tube link and see how much easier  it is to see to see the strokes in slow motion.