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At Moraira Tennis lessons are conducted in a unique fun filled and energetic environment.  

All strokes are broken down into three parts, the beginning, the point of contact and the ending.  And clear simple to follow reference points are used to illustrate these important points.

Where Moraira Tennis Instruction varies from the opinions and theories of other coaches is that every Reference Point made in their unique system is adhered to by every single one of the top 100 men and women in the world.  

The greatest players in the world are at the forefront of technique and by replicating the movements that all of the top players use, we have to be fundamentally correct in how we hit the ball – giving Moraira Tennis Players the best possible chance of hitting to maximum power with maximum consistency and yet because of the bio-mechanical sound nature of the strokes – with the Moraira Tennis training system players will use less effort, less energy and be less prone to injury.

The training is then structured in the following way: